Words cannot do justice to the emotions that I felt when I first saw you. There you were tiny and helpless, eased out of my womb to be put to my bosom. You looked into my eyes and that was such a magical moment which only a mother can understand. Everyone was relieved and I was crying, crying out of joy to see my nine months of imagination into a reality. The joy of knowing about the pregnancy followed by the wait, your kicks and hiccups, the nine months of care, all flashed in front of my eyes.

So here is a letter for you. I want to tell you how I feel, now that you have made me a mother. I wish you would read this in a few years and understand it in a few more. This may sound a little boring to you but bear with me just for a while.

When we (I & your father) decided to bring a life into this world, we knew that we had a responsibility: one towards you and the other towards the society. We must give you everything you need to be ready to face the world, but it is also a huge responsibility to give the world a better you. And so here are a few things I want you to know.

You are my most precious little bundle of joy. When I look into your eyes I look into my soul. I see the happiness on your face that heals all my ailments and soothes my soul. Yes, YOU ARE THAT SPECIAL.

At times your father and I are exhausted. Parenting is not that simple. It’s difficult to function normally and we did make mistakes too but trust me we try our best. But all that doesn’t matter when we hold you. BECAUSE YOU ARE  SPECIAL.

You have changed our weekends. All our schedule revolved around you. But all that doesn’t matter as YOU ARE SPECIAL.


You are special to us. That doesn’t mean you are entitled. It is a harsh truth, but the sooner you understand the better it is for all of us. I promise I wouldn’t think twice to buy something you need. But when it comes to wants, you would have to hear a ‘No’. And that is how I want to raise you. I don’t want to unleash a spoiled brat into the society. When you will grow up as an adult you will understand how important it is to hear a ‘No’  early in life. Don’t take anything, including an inheritance for granted.

I don’t know everything about parenting & I am learning it. But what I know is, I am not going to stop you from exploring. I can see it in your eyes that you are a curious fellow. And I promise it that I will never kill that curiosity in you. Ask me as many questions as you want. I will try my best to answer them all. If I can’t I will google it or will find someone better who will. I want you to make your life choices based on your personal experiences. And like every parent I sense uniqueness in you.


In the whole process, do not forget your roots. You come from a family of humble human beings. The possibilities of being human on this planet are very significant if your humanity is the forefront of your life. No other creature on this planet is referred as “Being” because only you have the choice of how to be. Chose consciousness over compulsiveness.If someone has the choice of how to be then he will always choose joy, compassion, love over hatred, anger, jealousy. Life doesn’t need morality if humanity is the essence of your life. None of the outside events should be able to disturb your wonderfulness.

 It is through a lot of spiritual practices and experiences that your father and I have concluded that EMPATHY is far more important than fancy degrees. When you grow up, the experiences you have may start to numb you. Resist this suppression as much as you can. Be sensitive to the need of others. Succeed but not at the cost of humanity. There is no pride in stepping over someone to succeed.

Till now I have been asking you to be a sensible person. I will be a proud mother if you turn out to be a caring person on whom people usually depend. But I will be even more proud if you can be blind towards a few things. Blind towards racism, religion, colour, caste, sexuality etc.

Son, there are many things I want to say, and I will a bit later. We know that you didn’t ask us to bring you to this material world. It was our own selfish desire to trap a wandering soul to this mortal world. We understand our obligation. Today I promise you all my time and attention that you ever need in your good and bad times. 

Just be a good and kind human being when you grow up. 

Will always love you.