“If you wish to understand the universe; think of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration”: Nicolas Tesla

Like every other article, this also started with a punch line, of a scientist from the west. This is to grab the attention of the reader, who is influenced by western mindsets. This is a set of thoughts, which only subscribe to books which are New York Times bestsellers. The validation of a western document is required to prove authenticity.

There is another group, who looks for validation in terms of mathematical data, they also want to put the creation in terms of a mathematical formula, around 90% of which can’t even understand the simpler aspect of the formula. They would look for logic for every aspect of life. What’s the logic for humans to see the visible range of light, why are we not able to see X-Ray vision?

They keep on ignoring the creation itself, to find a logic behind.

Einstein proposed the formula e=mc2 back in 1905, people only know about the formula in 1945 when the first atomic bomb was dropped, what a nice way to interpret the beautiful formula by killing thousands of people. Even if we get the source of creation in a one-liner formula, we will only manipulate it to bring comfort to our life and destruction to other planetary life. 

Kudos to Nicolas Tesla, he captured the essence of eastern truth in one line. I would have started the article with one sloka from Patanjali Yoga Sutra, which will greatly upset the intellectual mindset because the logic stops working here.

I would not go the details for this sutra as there are many books which try to explain it beautifully.

The way in Indian tradition which mostly focuses the experiential reality. As per the ancient text, there is the existence of only one individual and the universe. The rest of societal structures are manmade which has no existential reality. How an owl perceives darkness and how you experience light are two different dimensions. If you start a debate between humans and owl about light and darkness it will be an endless debate. Spiritual science is all about the individual experience, particularly in Indian tradition. The connection where the individual perceives the universe.

There are numerous books and practices in Indian tradition which enhance the perception of the individual experience about the universe. These are mere philosophies for a person who has never done any practice in their life. The experiential realities can only be perceived and can’t be explained in a book. 

In Indian tradition the most significant words are Karma and Mukti, they are not about praying for physical pleasures around you. If one is ready to take the plunge with the help of a person who understands the dimension of energy, they can enter the LHC(Large hadron collider) of human experience. The deeper dimension of manifestation of life itself which science would never be able to resolve with the current mindset. This process has no space for belief and group created for those beliefs. 

All the above pre context is to introduce the aspect of life which is explained in fabulous books written by our ancients, which are hidden by the British education system in India. I am fortunate enough to get a glimpse of these masterpieces. These are self-help books for a human, who is ready to dive deep into the ocean, if someone is happy having a shower in a washroom then it’s strictly NOT for them. This is a metaphor, to explain the state of mind to highlight the eagerness to accept something new.

These scriptures are written in Sanskrit which is a very rich language in terms of explaining the context. If these scriptures can be read and understood in Sanskrit that would be excellent. If someone is not good at Sanskrit they can find the English translation.

A word of caution: Translation does a lot of harm as it may change the whole meaning of sloka depending upon the understanding of the interpreter. Also there are no synonyms of certain Sanskrit words in English. As an example “Chinmaya” and “Mrunmaya”, in the Indian context, life forms consist of these two aspects “Chinmaya” and “Mrunmaya”.Now there are no English words to explain the context of these words. We can just say that the life of every individual consists of something which is the physical dimension which is the word “Mrunmaya”, which means the non-permanent and energy dimension “Chinmaya” relates to the eternity.

The books which refine your intellectual understanding of spirituality are mentioned below. 

1. Astavakra Gita

2. Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Osho Book Of Secrets)

3. Shiva Sutra

4. Narad Bhakti Sutra

5. Kabir Ke Dohe

6. The first and last freedom – J Krishnamurti 

9. Patanjali Yoga Sutras

10. All Upanishads

11. Inner Engineering. – Sadhguru

12. Death An Inside Story – Sadhguru

The experiential side of the spiritual journey is more important than intellectual understanding. Intellect is only one part of the energy dimension of one’s life. The knowledge of these scriptures may push you to explore the experiential side of your experience. It may also cause a lot of damage, by knowing intellectually, few individuals tend to draw conclusions. This hinders the person not to explore the possibility experience it practically. It is always advised to find a guru who can guide you, provided your intellectual ego allow you to submit yourself in front of someone.