Majority of people think that makeup is used to cover up your imperfections or hide what you look like due to insecurities. But to my belief makeup is empowering. Making the conscious choice to wear make-up because you know it’s not only going to make you look good but feel good, is a perfect example of self-security and confidence. It can highlight your favorite feature and show your creativity. Makeup is an art, a perfect way of expressing yourself. Instead of a paper, your face is a canvas.

I have been fascinated to make up since I was a little girl with literally no knowledge of wearing make-up. I used to play with my mom’s lipstick and Kajal and end up creating a mess. And I am pretty sure that most of you must have done this in your childhood days. I would pay close attention while my mom was applying lipstick and Kajal. When I was in 9th grade, I remember her applying me little Kajal when there is a special event like a wedding, or any function and I would feel so special and confident. I still recall a very funny childhood memory. I would always wonder watching Tv that how the Tv actors look so fresh every time even after rolling out of the bed. I thought maybe makeup creates magic in the night. So, one evening I wore all of my mom’s makeup and slept that night wearing make-up and to my surprise, I woke up looking like a mess. And that day I got to know about the virtual world behind the TV and makeup too. Once I passed my higher secondary, I started collecting makeup products and experimenting with it in a right way.

According to many types of research held in The University of Chieti, Italy and the Harvard Medical school, USA wearing makeup enhances the self-esteem that may bring positive effects on the cognitive performance of an individual. 

Sometimes wearing a bright lipstick can brighten up a dull day or mood. So do try it once if you are a make-up lover or not. 🙂