Fashion is a language that narrates about a person who wears it. Whether it is a piece of clothing, accessory, footwear or hairstyle. It’s something we deal with our everyday life knowingly or unknowingly. Even people who say that they are not fashion followers chose clothes that depict their personality. But one thing which is very certain in the fashion world is “change”. Fashion changes with the release of a new movie, music album or a television show. We are constantly being bombarded by new fashion trends in modern-day culture.

Let’s go through some of the viral fashion trends of these days:

Bamboo bags or Rattan bags: bamboo bags or rattan bags are really in these days. These bags have evolved from quirky beach accessories to luxurious fashion pieces. Now the leading fashion brands like Mango, Zara, H&M are selling some cool collections in this season. It’s the most current handbag trend nowadays and these bags go well with pretty much anything. It adds an extra touch of subtleness for a bright colour dress in summer. 

Statement Sneakers: A growing number of celebs such as Alexa Chung, Kate Middleton, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, and many others are getting behind the sneaker trend. It’s one-shot footwear which goes well with literally anything like wide-leg trousers, a floral dress, denim jeans with a sweater or a simple black dress. Investing in a statement sneaker would be wise and the best decision in this season.

Bike shorts: Bike shorts caused quite a noise last summer with trending all over the world. It’s being paired with a blazer, hoodie or a sequin top. Women are seen embracing it with the whole of their closet. It’s more fashion-forward and it’s clear that it is not going anywhere anytime soon. With the right styling, the right attitude and right pair it can uplift any event.

Boilor suits: Boilor suit may look similar to jumpsuit but it’s not as its looser and comes in more durable fabrics. This is a trend borrowed from boys. As the name suggest they were first worn a century ago by men for more manual reasons and around the second world war these suits were worn by women in munitions factories. And now these boilor suits are crossing boundaries in the fashion world.

Wrap dresses and robe coats: Wrap dresses has been a versatile and flattering wardrobe staple these days. It came to limelight the moment Diane Von Furstenberg wrapped herself in a chic wrap dress. Such wrap dresses were so out in full force this summer from bright floral prints to silky kimono inspired style. And it’s so apt to pair with a pair of sandals or sneakers. And now the trend has been bigger and bolder than ever.

Tortoise jewellery: Tortoise jewellery, especially the earrings, are THE jewellery trend this year. You can never go wrong with simple denim jeans and a basic tee with a pair of tortoise earrings. You have probably seen a pair of tortoise hoop earrings dangling from the ear of nearly every woman passing by your side. It just looks so put together without having to think. Search for tortoise earrings have increased more than 679% in eight to ten months as per the trend experts on Pinterest.

Snake prints: This season it’s all about loud snake prints trending everywhere successfully replacing the leopard prints. The sudden influx of snakeskin prints has spread into the fashion worlds very swiftly from dresses to heels to bags. From elite brands to budget brands snake print has dominated the fashion world from last year and showing no sign of stopping. 

Retro Cat eye sunglasses: The retro cat-eye look not only look chic but can spice up any monotonous outfit and a dull mood to the next level. These sunglasses tend to be the most feminine and flattering shape and add a touch of glamour to any look. 

Ruching/ Ruched dress: Ruching was a hallmark trend back in 80’s fashion that made a comeback in 2019 and became a mere sartorial artefact with a little twist. Now, these details are trickling down to the fast-fashion sphere where these are shown not only in dresses and skirts but also statement blouses and casual athleisure pieces. Fun flattering and ubiquitous ruching is one 2019 trend and has some serious staying power in 2020 too.

Sustainable fashion: Sustainable fashion has created a muse in today’s fashion world. The idea of sustainable fashion is not just about textiles, patterns, and designs but a lot more about environment-friendly fashion. The global clamouring for sustainable fashion has been on a steady increase for quite some time. Most of the brands are putting impressive efforts to redefine the whole system of fashion to produce better quality clothing for consumers at the least risk to the environment.