Welcome to the “Island of the God” !!!

The mere mention of Bali describes images of evergreen forests, photogenic paddy fields, gorgeous beaches, and exotic culture. In my last vacation to Bali, I have explored its unbelievably delicious food, friendly locals, beautiful temples, stunning waterfalls, epic landscapes, and wild nightlife. I must say that there is a little something for everyone in Bali.

I was there to celebrate my wedding anniversary and stayed there for a week ONLY. I would highly suggest you stay for more than one week to enjoy everything Bali has to offer. But I understand that some people have tighter time restraints for their travel so I put together this fun Bali travel itinerary for a week, and I hope you can find it useful. And it comes with everything I would recommend you to check out while visiting this little slice of paradise.

So have a look at my Bali itinerary, and feel free to contact me if you have any queries.

Arriving at Bali:

So you have managed to make it to Bali. Yayyyy!!!

Now I warn you to be ready to stand in a long queue to get through the immigration in Bali. As tourists are swarming to Bali almost all over the year, it gets really crowded in the immigration which takes time to get out of the airport.

After clearing immigration and getting your baggage You will be circled by dozens of guys to offer you taxi or transport services to your accommodation. I would suggest you opt for the registered taxi service just outside the airport. They will give you a valid receipt and you will give the taxi fare to the driver after he drops you at your desired location.

Scamming or cheating tourists is quite common in Bali like any other country. So be alert and check the fare in grab before boarding any taxi in Bali which will save your wallet big time.

Day 1-2: Ubud Explorations

I started my week in Bali from Ubud. Ubud is the yoga and spiritual capital of Bali. And it is one of the most relaxing towns I have visited since now and can be such an amazing place for so many reasons. With countless cafes, yoga and meditation studios, rice terraces, waterfalls and smoothie bowls, etc.- it’s an ideal place to start your vacation on the island. It’s one of those places to ride a motorbike and enjoy the fresh air and greenery around. And yes Ubud is my personal favorite place to stay and relax in Bali and we stayed three nights at beautiful Ubud. 

 So these are the must-visit places to explore in Ubud:

1.Goa Gajah temple.

2.sacred monkey forest.

3.Ubud royal palace

4. Pura Taman Saraswati temple

5.Tegenungan waterfall

6. Campuhan Ridge walk

7.Ubud art market.

8.Tibumana waterfall


In this day trip, we explored some of the extremely beautiful places in and around Ubud. We hired a driver with a car for the whole day trip as the route was quite bumpy and it was a bit raining that day and we didn’t want to get tired riding a bike the whole day. Our driver was very honest and friendly and his wife also accompanied us as a tour guide and we really enjoyed their company for the whole day and got to know a lot more about the places and Balinese culture. I will mention the name of the driver with his phone number if you need you can contact him if you are in Bali or visiting Bali.

Places to cover in the day trip:

1.Tegallang rice fields

2.Tegallang swing

3.Pura Tirta Empul temple

4.Luwak coffee plantation

5.lunch at Kintamani watching mt Batur.

6.Wood crafting village


After staying three nights in Ubud we moved to Seminyak, which is the central location of Bali and closer to Kuta. This place is perfect for party lovers and night owls to enjoy the nightlife of Bali. I am definitely not a party person so I didn’t enjoy my stay at Seminyak much. I would suggest staying at Canggu (which is 15 mins north of Seminyak) rather than Kuta or Seminyak.

And yes we also hired different drivers (closer to Seminyak) at Seminyak to help us with the rest of the tours.

Places to cover in the day trip:

1. Taman Ayun temple.

2.  lake Bratan temple (ulun danu temple)

3. Tanha lot temple and sunset

4. dinner at tanha lot temple watching the epic sunset views.

Lake Bratan temple and Tanha lot temple are a bit distant from each other so it takes around 2 hours to cover the distance.



Uluwatu is the surfing mecca of Bali, but you don’t need to be a surfer to enjoy everything Uluwatu has to offer. It is located on the very southern tip of the island, and this entire coastline is filled with gorgeous cliffs, pristine beaches, and picturesque coves.

Places to cover in the day trip:

1.Garuda Wisnu Kencana

2.Padang Padang beach

3.uluwatu temple

4. Kecak and fire dance at Uluwatu temple

5. seafood dinner at Jimbaran beach.


Tanjung Benoa water sports center is located on the southeast of the island and very close to Nusa Dua. Water sports activity starts from 09:00-14:00 noon. After that, the seawater will be low which is not apt for water sports.

Places to cover in the day trip:

1.Tanjung benoa water sports


3.Pandawa beach

4. Kuta street exploration (night market)


After my 6 fulfilled days of continuous exploration, I was a bit tired and wanted to relax the whole day sipping juice in my pool. And how can I leave Bali without having a Balinese massage? So for the last day, we went for a Balinese couple massage in our resort only and that was the best way to relax my body and end my trip in Bali.

Driver at Ubud:

Name- Wayan.


Driver at Seminyak:

Name- Koming