The idea that always perplexed me is my identity. What’s the definition of identity? Each one of us is born as a human and then given a name by our family and society. The “I” is shaped by the information we received from our surroundings, from the perspective of religion, our parents, social stature, economic condition, etc. Later in life, I realized myself which is a lively physical structure with a mind and few senses to perceive the surrounding. The “I” is just a set of information that I have stored in my memory, but the life operates within us has no relation to the idea of “I” in memory.

The life entity that each of us has a desire to survive and recreate. The animal kingdom does it cruelly, but the humans do it in an organized fashion. However, the questions that intrigues me is what is the significance of all this around us? Does it have any objective? These are the questions that might have popped in everyone’s mind at some point of time in their life.

From the reference of history, various great personalities tried to explain this idea about life. Now we termed those ideas as spiritual and religious practices. When we hear an idea or a philosophy, we tend to look for our perspective. We never ask a question whether this is the truth? The experience shared by other’s are their personal experience about their lives, but this is a blind belief for us as this is not in our personal experience. Should we be also striving to see the truth or simply conclude by hearing stories? All of the great seekers from the past have always termed this as the truth, the reality.

If the truth is there for everyone why only a handful of people can see it, should I use the verb “see” or should I use the word “understand”? Are we seeking for something from the prism of five senses, or an extraordinary event? Are we using the same old glasses to see the truth? 

A human body with flesh and blood, living life like an organism and food, shelter, reproduction is what we need? What else we need in life? If every desire of yours’s is fulfilled as we wish, would you still be left with the desire for something new? Everyone should ask this question to oneself, what is that ultimate goal that we are longing for. Leaving all the dogma, understanding of religion, one fundamental question what does each life form on the planet aspire for? This leads to another fundamental question. “Who am I?”

To understand scientifically this question defines life in two components, the physical part of the human body roughly formed of 30 trillion cells and the nonphysical part which is an idea which I developed throughout time-based on certain memory of accumulated since birth. The science has never been able to explain why there is a desire within you, why everyone understanding of life is different from others. What this “I”, is looking for an objective and purpose in life? Should I even aspire for that purpose? The funniest part I don’t even know why these thirty trillion cells operate in perfect sync with the surroundings to keep this life thriving. So, is the idea of “I” really true or an illusion infused?

If life has formed itself, it would equip everyone to understand the truth. To understand the core of life, we don’t need any book, any religion, any scientific theory and we don’t need any proof to provide to others in any form. The one who understands everything will never have a question. Are we so full of our perceived idea of I, that we are missing the reality? There is a nice way of explaining infinity and zero in mathematics. Only zero and infinity complement each other.

My experience of life is the only mine, that’s my prism to see the world, I don’t even know whether that would be the same for others or not. However, I can try to share the questions that intrigued me, probably if we will ask the right question, we may find the right answer. Welcome to the world of seeking.