Café Kathmandu is a Nepalese restaurant & Bar offering the authentic flavors of Nepal in every possible way. All the workers working there from the kitchen to serving food are from Nepal. When I visited there they were not offering “Thali” rice platter for that day. So I jumped into other Nepalese dishes.

We started with a light snack called “chatpatey” (Rm 14) made up of puffed rice, onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves etc. It was a bit tangy in taste and is a perfect dish to start with.

Then comes the Tibetian soup called “Thupka” (Rm 14). We ordered egg thupka but they have vegetarian and chicken thupka in their menu too.It was a perfect blend of hot and spicy soup with vegetables,egg and noodles in it. And the portion was quite generous for one person.

Then comes the reason of my visit to this café that is the Himalayan favorite “Momos” (Rm 15). It was piping hot and soft from inside exactly the way I like it. It comes with two sauces one is spicy and the other one is bit tangy to taste and a bowl of soup as side dish with it. The momos were the best out of all.

They have noodles galore called “chowmein” in their menu with different options i.e vegetarian chowmein, chicken chowmein, egg chowmein and beef chowmein. We ordered one veg chowmein (Rm 13) and one egg chowmein (Rm 15).

Overall the food was good enough to satisfy our craving for Nepalese food. Ambiance was cool and comfy, service was ok but can be improved a bit.

Café Kathmandu

Lot 19, Tengkat Tong Shin, Off Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

Timing : daily 1 pm-3am.

Tel: 011-16411558