In my last vacation to Bali, I enjoyed exploring many a thing like their colorful culture, art, architecture, beautiful villages and their flavorsome local food of course. While a trip to the coffee plantation, I tasted a local delicacy which I ended up dreaming about for days: Lak Lak a traditional Balinese cake made out of rice flour. This sweet cake has a round and flat shape. In general, these cakes come in two colors white and green. To make it green in color they add pandan leaves to the dough which not only adds color  but adds a great aroma to the cake too.

It seems there is lak lak available all over in Bali but with little variations to it, but every variation of it taste heavenly and unique in itself. In the preparation of it, the main ingredients are rice powder, water, coconut milk, and palm sugar. And a traditional pan made of clay is used to bake the lak lak cakes, and it takes only 10 minutes to get baked. When it’s ready shredded coconut and palm sugar is topped on it which adds the sweet and delicious taste to it.

Mostly the cake is served with tea or coffee and in some of the hotels or resorts, it is served as breakfast as well. I don’t mind to be served this delectable dish as a dessert too. Lak lak is plentily available in any of the traditional markets in Bali. Those who are visiting Bali or are in Bali please make sure to add this dish in your “must try” list and I bet you, you will get addicted to these rice cakes as soon as you try this.