Bukit Bintang is considered as Kuala Lumpur’s trendiest shopping and entertainment district, offering everything from sleek high-end shopping to an inexpensive funky souvenir or touristy stuff, from the luxurious hotel to backpacker’s friendly hotels. You can find hi-end to low budget shopping and that goes the same with the restaurant as well. It has a 24/7 restaurant (Mamak) restaurant serving local delicacies to cute Insta worthy cafes and vibrant night clubs of course. Because of its centrally located location, it gets fairly easier to communicate to this place from any part of the city. It’s well equipped with public transport like MRT, LRT, Monorail and Bus and taxi and it is available almost all the time at this place

One of the popular landmarks here is the Pavillion mall, an upscale shopping mall offering European luxury brands to local brands too.

Near to the Bukit Bintang is Jalan Alor, a stretch of atmospheric seafood restaurants serving a variety of Chinese food and hawker stalls. It’s a convenient destination to satisfy your food cravings for sure. With all the brightly lit stalls to choose from, it can get a little overwhelming. This lane is packed with hawker stalls that make freshly cooked dishes with lots of spices and flavors, served from mobile cart stalls, small shops or street restaurants. Its food is influenced by its many immigrants and occupants over the years from China, India, Japan, England, Portugal, the Middle East, Thailand, and Indonesia.

After fulfilling your caloric content, you can head straight to the Bukit Bintang party street also called Changkat, which is just walkable from the Jalan Alor to have some fun boozing, dancing and singing with your friends.